Words with friends wont load on my mac

It tells me the email I use does not exist, but I just used the email to log into the website. It had also gave me less points before. For a few weeks now I have been able to play only one or two games before it refuses to transmit my word. I have to go out of WWF, out of Facebook, back in, and can only play one game before it refuses to work again.

Game is stuck, won't load

Furthermore, often the whole page jumps up making it impossible to get my letters on the board. Based on what I see on my Mac, her machine is probably blocking the Zynga ads, but her popup blocker is turned off. Any thoughts or theories would be appreciated. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the free one…this one works fine other than the adds. I payed for the one without. Ha, ha. I had problems too.

How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I)

Think I probably uninstalled and reinstalled 5 or 6 times before it finally decided to work! Guess I should keep trying. I wrote to Zynga and I wrote to Facebook and I never did received a word from either.

WWF Stuck on "Loading Moves" — Words With Friends

I had to remove and reinstall my Scramble app. Then I had no problems. Some of my WWF opponents thought their tablets had broken down. Please get our games up and running again!! Jeff, bring it on. You must be good to be in tournaments and I need some competition.

I beat everybody.

Is the problem sending and receiving. Please advise me—I tried the trouble shooting idea-no luck! Will wait to hear from you! I play on my computer. Is this your problem? How did you fix it? The unofficial fan site for enthusiasts of Words With Friends Admin. There are no results yet for this round of the monthly tournament. Zynga Announcement Written by Debbyoc.

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This didn't fix the problem. Here's a link to Average Word Acore, as seen on my iPad: Here's a link to Average Word Score, as seen on my iPhone: As you can see they're different. The iPhone thinks I haven't played any words this week and has different players populating the list.

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WWF Stuck on "Loading Moves..."

It looks to me like the iPhone and the iPad are somehow logged into different accounts but they have the same account details. Could this be something to do with my paying to go ad-free? I'm seeing ads on the iPhone when I shouldn't be and don't on the iPad. Discussions Activity Best Of Country Escape FarmVille: Harvest Swap FarmVille: Tropic Escape Hit it Rich! Willy Wonka Slots Wizard of Oz: Howdy, Stranger! Mine was working until the enhancement notice now it just hangs there. I play from facebook using mozilla firefox.

Surfal Loose Cannon Posts: Seriously, a customer has a problem and you're pushing Safari on them?

Addictive word game comes to Facebook

Safari is fine for Mac users, but it's simply not up to par on PCs, which are Zynga's primary customers. Just seems inappropriate for an official rep. Bewise Black Sheep of ze Internet Posts: I started playing the game earlier today, but now I cannot get it to load. The message about loading Facebook friends just hangs there. I'm using Firefox. I am not using a mobile app. Surfal - Just a suggestion, I use Safari and I've had no issues with it yet.

Sadie Cloudylicious Posts: I cannot load at all on Chrome so tried on Firefox Not putting Safari on my PC I use Windows 7 64 bit Just tried IE and it loaded. Still nothing on Firefox or Chrome. Trina Bird Loose Cannon Posts: I started playing Words when it was made available through Facebook about a week or so ago. Since then I have had 2 games that I played with my husband freeze mid game.

Every time we try to click on our respective games, it freezes the whole page.

The issue started while trying to place a word and it freezing up after hitting submit. The games are currently sitting in our open game lists because we can't access them to play a word, pass or resign. The first game has been sitting there inactive for 3 days..